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Military Exhibits

The Mansfield Memorial Museum was founded in the  meeting hall of the Grand Army of the Republic following the Civil War.  Now called the Soldiers and Sailors Building it is only natural that an extensive collection of military memorabilia and artifacts would find a permanent home.  Featuring artifacts from all American wars from the Revolutionary War,  Spanish- American War,  The Civil War, World Wars I & II and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The museum collections includes;

  • Uniform Exhibit showing the progression of military clothing  from the Mansfield Militia pre Civil War, Civil War, Indian War through the Spanish-American War.
  • Large Exhibit of model featuring military tanks, armored vehicles, and trucks.  Features a collection built by Tom Weekly which took over 37 years to compile.
  • Collection of model aircraft featuring the history of aviation from the Wright Brothers through Desert Storm built buy the local Air National Guard from 1964-1987.

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