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The Mansfield Memorial Museum

The Mansfield Memorial Museum, established in 1889, is the oldest museum in Richland County. Founded by Edward Wilkinson who, as an avid collector of specimens and artifacts for the Smithsonian Institute, Carnegie Natural History Museum and Peabody Field Museum, established a varied and extensive collection from which the museum has continued to grow.

Featuring multiple collections including all major wars, natural history, repository for many public documents from Richland County and the City of Mansfield and the Industrial History of Mansfield including Westinghouse’s home of the future and the oldest American robot ELEKTRO as featured in the Worlds Fair 1937-38 in New York. The Mansfield Memorial Museum invites you to visit and share in the rich history that is North Central Ohio.


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Additional Collections

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  • Regional industrial history including Tappan, Westinghouse, Ohio Brass, Dominion Electric and New Method Stove to name a few.
  • Regional art and music. 

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